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Hate The Sun (Self-Released 2014)

   Minimalist-idols of imagining dreams of two simple girls wanted to be an Alternative Noise-Pop stars hailing from Bologna, Italy as being truly cool with their “rocks-on” ability on making such a tremendous music-writings via the funny name picked out for themselves as a duo/group as She Said Destroy! Nothing seems to be closely to what they’ve expected before and after and as pleasing for put their feet towards Garage Rock and silly Punk songs available through the extended play period releasing here for Gummy Ruins where the mixing between a mythical creature like unicorn breeding a new species with velociraptor and spawning the group’s artworks logo for the front cover as for those who likes the crazy and the simplicity out of rock music courageous acts finding on The Runaways, The Go-Go’s or Shonen Knife would appreciating how Brigitte, 15 Camelot House or even M.I.A covers of Bad Girls sounding faster and blatant than ever here because of them. 

And these simple rocking girls aren’t Sorry …

Gummy Ruins: