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Hang Out Oceania (Tooth & Nail Records 1995)

   You like Letters to Cleo’s legacy of Alternative Rock and Pop sequences where one can easily hear the prospect of softer distortions and walls of sounds perfectly, creative and deep Pop-oriented group from almost the same era; meet Dayton, Ohio’s Morella’s Forest made of American Pop-Alternative to be loved by you. 
   Consisting of several names from Joel Votaw, Shawn Johnson, Jesse Sprinkle and the female singer Sydney Rentz and some others rocking their ideas out for your pleasure as the example of the band’s debut recording with ten songs inside that you can awesomely listen to. Lush of Spring, Wonder Boy (guitars by Chris Colbert), Fizzle Kiss (backing vocals by Bill Campbell), Puppy Luv or Star Gazer and Curl (guitar played by Chris Colbert) exactly – sounding popper and delicious as you ever dream to have from these awesome taste of Indie-Shoegaze and Pop.

Super Deluxe: