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Gul’Dez (Bandcamp 2017)

   Daniel Hopgood just change his identity to Declooza – one of the most notorious Hip Hop Horror-Core of all time in the US; pushing forward of storytelling murderous scenes and holding a cleaver for cutting you into smaller pieces not versatile for the underground and been playing off the most independent radio-channels over countries like Psychopathic radio to WFuckOff radio as Declooza hungrily by hesitate capturing his mix-tape moments crossing names of other bad attitude artists from Mr. Liqz, Brotha Lynch Hung, Enasmini, Corpse Circus and more. For Apex Predator Vol. 2 releasing, the more you think his not a big bad wolf anymore-kind of style the more surprising you shall be when hit the chance on listening to the ultimate opening tracks with spoken words and short story about Andrews Back (No Where) rapping his way out to either cut you half or grab your guts and chop it to the intestines within the sicker fist-beats on Seattle, WA’s Horror Hip-Hop technical – both the raps and the semi-legendary music composes. 

Are you Kylo Ren, Randy Orton or Negan ? That’s the question comes with the bang !

Apex Predator Vol. 2: