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Grimey Exits (Bandcamp 2012)

   Bamidji, Minnesota’s Dance Electronic and Hip-Hop or Rap instrumental remixes project named Escargot probably, isn’t as bad by taste as the real national food from France involving thus garden snails in a magic cooker menu as your lunch when through this golden figure of close-up picture on Escargot self-titled recording; everything you demanding to have for making things sounded better after the rainy days covering your hang-out moments with lovers or friends or someone you didn’t know very well. Listen to Brand New Lean or Influenced Insomnia as well as Ritual Masterbation to Korgasmic and Ifinite Finnish Finese for much slower tunes and happy hours resurfacing up to your needs in a very calmly beats for a dance-based tracks preparations. 

As they're free to download and fourteen pieces of non-vocals Hotel Cot Nap on this one pure volume classic themed of both mixing or samples for the audiences to enjoy.