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Griffin Vacation (Blip Blap! 2012)

   Middle Class Fashion wasn’t a forming beauty salon entrepreneur community but the trio of Brian McClelland (bass, casiotone, vocals), Brad Vaughn (drums, guitars, vocals) and Jenn Malzone (piano, vocals) having their debut album selling on the local markets within the pinky background and written by Jenn Malzone and Brian McClelland works from St. Louis, Missouri as the combs shows the interests from the band as Girl Talk comes up as the offering release by the group to the world. Art-Pop, piano dark in minor keys to Synth-Pop and the smell of Baroque overdubs really stronger to hear there and Middle Class Fashion not only making up the hair-style but also the music-likes with the promising tunes such as Fun Whoa, My Attack, Powder Blue and Lightning Bugs, etc. 
   Hitting Barbarella or Birthday or not yet doesn’t matter because you might already fell in an attractive love to this band on the right time Jamie in on air. 

Retro-spective, melodic and independently honest …

Girl Talk: