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Grand Orbiter (Ripple Music 2017)

   Know your new favorable pick and band members of these Heavy Occult Rock form Poitiers – France with Rob the lead guitars, Tom on lead guitars and vocals, Simon the bass guitar player and Ben on drums by the magic configurations between the head displaying of the devil himself and the Stoner Metal or Desert mystic rock sounds on thus drilling solos by the mid-tempo awesome and Hard Rock affirmation via the band’s baptizing name: The Necromancers releasing this mini recording called Servants of The Salem Girl may easily head-banging addicts and metallic fusion ala Sabbath ordering not a deniable as force of natural causes to infiltrating your shallow minds for an occult-ism as the vocalist sounded excellent, the music is better and the atmosphere soon turning from grey shading to burning orange to darkest like there’s no more lights left to catch because of mantra spells written and read like spoken chants calling the malignant power to raise and rule just like Lucifer’s Kin progressions or Black Marble House by its fifteen minutes more of long jamming.