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Gor Pendulumnecro (Art Gates Records 2016)

You shall get beheaded or hanged upside down if you caught in a battle with these Extreme melodic Black Metal army crossing the snow-lands and burning villages from as far as Luqa – Malta for destroying your frontlines and seizing thus walls down actively brutal and loud in their diabolic musical performance through the extensions of prolonging blasphemous words based on ancient magic, mythology, satanic philosophy and many more spilling life of innocents bleeding to death by the swords of pagan masters and mistress carrying on the wrath among religious sects along the frightening name of Martyrium. 
In the latest  album - Destiny Wore A Bondage Mask; Martyrium consisting on five-piece pagan warriors from Count Mortem (guitars), Umarth (keyboards), Sherath (guitar), female lead vocals for Vanja Obscure and Sir (bass) will dropping your jaw and killing the rest of your villager communions in a single striking attack comes deadly within The Sacrament, Night Penetrated Mare, Where No Shadows Cast The Fire Light, A Séance for The Forgotten Realm or Angelus Mortem with the intimate harmony being bashed by the heat of the murderous steels and armory covered with the blood of the filth and the believers as a sacrificial victims of fate turning its back for the pale race army worshiping darkness in triumph !

Destiny Wore A Bondage Mask: