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God(e) Prick (Bandcamp 2013)

   A low-living periodic smart composing of Garage Pop and Alternative Post-Rock trio: Stephane on guitars, Askwell on drums and samples to Francois the bass player really giving their France-based musical approval a good name with the poppy Velcro sweaty Punkish beats and some others Prog-Metal tinged seductions on being productive but not reductive and naming themselves a Japanese silly word for answering the phone and also the self-titled recording on Moshi Moshi. 

   Not trying to have a display about eating raw sushi or making stupid dare-devil self-hurting by samurai or such; you just need to listen for their seven songs that rebelliously, not fit for the exact mainstreaming arena there. Pubes or My Camel Died or Old Up or Le Gros Rouge (The Big Red) perhaps, telling about the back-story (whether) around thus strange mutation creature on the front cover, hell boy comics or satan himself. Go ask Charlie if you may …

Moshi Moshi: