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Glameretto Juan (Not On Label 2014)


   When Heavy Metal meets the alternative ways on manic and magic traditions of the beats creatively mystic by the sounds and acoustically head-banging for a quite fucking party over unique sounds available from the best featured of this Sydney’s trio whom tied their closer calls for choosing to perform the excessive music through “a different drum-beats” and then, Kallidad is born to this world and once only for the local pleasure until they’re slowly grown-up taller and bigger as faster as the holy bird spirits and the underworld howling calls; the band being acknowledge by many other music fans for their strange style.
Face painting by the masks of death, weird costumes and bloody disguises within the empowered old-jungle beat in musical blending thus Latin, Rock and Folk as well as Country and World Music wider via the band’s first effort debut record on Death Fiesta. 
   Nine tendencies songs written carefully but never too damn serious to not giving a high-alert interests to whoever listens or hearing it plays by the groovy mixture on solo guitars, melodic tempos and sexual-arousing percussion calls all the way through either Poco Loco, Amigos! Glorious! Amigos! Victorious!, Lobok Rasta onto The Wild Wild Western measuring that you’re on the right place for a traveler’s bewildering soundtrack themes conformation show for the front seats. 

Death Fiesta: