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Ghost Police (Bandcamp 2011)

Nightmares of Candy Yang & The Black Italian can be a quite horrible opener onto the introductions for your fascinating group when the next one might given a shorter title like All I Want is Gone which terribly sounded wiser but sadder but in-effectively for the reality of the sake on this Atlanta, Georgia duo of Kris Hermstad and Derek Burdette collaborating as an old pals from middle school years – New Animal might sounding a bit non-professional and semi-mono by products but again; this self-titled record that carries their own self-written characters and theme-songs of Alternative Electronic and Psychedelic-Pop experiments in Lo-Fi brass-section’s session really might reminding you about The Monkees sweetening era possible to raising up again via this kinds of acts. 

Followed up as the next introductions for you are perhaps, the temporary folkish and pop melodies through tracks like They Don’t Know, Grow Back Out or I The Water At Night that alarming how daily living stories can sometimes becoming a great poetry of ideas to put on electric music on soft-romantic madness …

New Animal: