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Gen Siebenbyrgen (Trollzorn 2012)

   Debuting the presence of these Heavy Metal Folk band from Lohne, North Rhine – Westphalia and consisting of Gyronimus der Basstard (bass), Podargo der Schnellfiegende (guitars), the double duty vocalists from Aello die Windboe and Mechthild Hexengeige (also playing violin), the band’s bagpipes/flutes team of Michael von Ullrichstein and Garik Strumbringer as well as drummer Ocypus der Schnellufussige hailing their first semi-excellent pointed for two thumbs up recording release via Blindflug. 
   Between the local German and more ancient heritage drawn back to the era before the Teutonic knights or further leaving behind the legendary barbarian Germanic tribesmen occult and pagan views collaborates to the for much modern issues as relevant as the old memories never fades out. 
   The bagpipes harmony and influenced matters to the ears of many metallic Folk epic themes like Die Tanzende Schlange (The Dancing Snake), Hundrertdreyssig (a Hundred Thirty), Hexe und Haluken (Witch and Scoundrels), Konig und Bettler (King and Beggars) or Irrlichter (Erratic) off Harpyie’s music catalogs. 
   Relating this shape-shifting magic and melodic rock of Blindflug as one of the Europe finest pioneering records for Folk-Rock/Metal Folk Epic taste made aus Germany via the essential group with excellent local heritage and influences - Harpyie.