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Futura Mix Disease (Metropolis 2009)

   Turning on dead by blasts when those Electro-shocking of semi-Industrial Pop and machine metallic sounds reacts on a blending completely almost perfect within the modern sicker Alternative for choices led yourself onto the ferocious traumatic simplicity or deranged complexity which all collapsing into one big deliberations from whether boredom of life or old concepts as Julien-K a project sampling about just like how Ryan Shuck teaming-up with Amir Derakh from Orgy the Nu-Metal group as well with Anthony Valcic or Eli James and some more members in and out quickly. 
   The infamous version sounds through Death To Analog kicks the intentions with Hard Rock mixture of Industrial manic beats as the track-listed filled out by inter-stellar galactic kinds of lyrics and many bonus on remixes shaping the entire recording as a giant Electro-Industrial explosion ready to rock your universe by partying or suicidal via Technical Difficulties, Maestro, Forever, Spiral, Dystopian Girl, Look At U and Someday Soon. 

As Systeme De Sexe Stranded just keep on moving Nvr Say Nvr for Kick The Bass up-beat, friends ! 

Death To Analog: