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Friends False (Alice In … 1995)

All the falling tears, wonder based should they die as hope flies away shall be there’s no rope ... and you might get shaken on the core-of-your-feelings pumped slower by the Dark Goth-Pop semantic of sorrow and desperation surrounding the small space in between because one tried to opening the door for Exedra: the Berlin-based mixed members group with long trio history to tell here by the background names like Andre Gutsmuths, Cristoph Soergel, Torben Stupp and Ulrich or Ragnar recording their own interpretation for Iggy Pop’s - I Wanna Be Your Dog in a more depressive progression ways and more to come over thus tracks productions through other songs there by the cold sinister dead romance smells like you didn’t wanted them to appear in Waltz, Bereft of Hope, Flowers, Soulringer and many more on the recording of Exedra’s Kingdom Of The Blind. 

Like a beauty get her biting for an apple of poisoned spells dwelling on it; leaving your fake love and the rest of the past memories to achieved the better views after following the wrong directions. 

Kingdom Of The Blind: