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Fried Oozin Rope (Volcom Entertainment 2013)

   Stereo system build for playing great music and one of them that you need to have performing on it should be the Grunge/Garage Rock/Punk/Power-Pop of these Alternative burger with female lead singer carrying their distinctive sweet and melodious Post-punk to Indie Rock efforts within the releasing on the number two albums – The Late Great Whatever. The La Mirada’s Pop-Alternative crew with jangling-tinged sounds that could make you fell in deeper love with them: Lovely Bad Things which consisting of Lauren Curtius, Brayden Ward, Camron Ward and Tim Hatch; comes in a pretty softening harmony music as the distortions flowing like a wall of sounds that calmly harmless as the favorite tracks one by one blasting from your stereo and brighten-up the day and night where things go boring as the time ticking slow when there’s nothing else to do but listening to these Pop-rockers doing their best via Kessel Run, Gravel Dreamer, Maybe I Know, Hear or Anywhere or Darth Lauren – which some might sounding silly but fun while others done in a fast quickie mode that will making you and your sisters jumping the bed like crazy !

The Late Great Whatever: