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Fortune Chase (Pure Heart Records 2016)

   Previously with Tamara on the lead vocals/guitars but then as the time ticks the band’s changing formation turns out to be Anastasia as well as Anton and Nikita as then introduced as a flick of Emo/Shoegaze/Noise-Pop basic whom totally influenced by semi-legendary names like My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr, Slowdive or Hum not a jazzy and chorus type of group but a fuzzy and distorted soft-tuned with a beautiful vocals of female singer singing in English for this four tracks mini album entitled Always Hurt by Paper Wounds - hailing from their hometown far in Saint Petersburg, Russia. 
   Secrets buried deep underground, daily themes, feedbacks, melodic Pop and low-key riffs may interrupting the hazy listeners but sounded pretty good once you did it next time or after one or two songs moment. They’re going to reminds you about how Sonic Youth’s first decade career started once and there’s a chance for Grunge experimental to evolves on the newer forms via this type of collaborative music as simply as well confusing but sounded great for most independent ears on having Welcome The Riots or Bittersweet stays dwelling on your broken stereo while doing the boring day-jobs.

Always Hurt: