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Flux Peripheral (Bandcamp 2015)

   From the future of music land and Electro-Dance Sci-Fi’s lair of products; rebirthing from a high school writer and jock turns to a music-instrumentalist and multi-talented planner named Joshua Faulkner and Daniel Romero searching for experiences through the experiments as the transitions of magical boundaries blows apart with the musical challenge for these Salt Lake City, Utah project founder with the underlining name to remember by some loyal fans whom already heard about them before in Conquer Monster. 
Welcome to the world of 8-bit, vintage or retro beats to the modern soul of both synth and Electro onto thus glitches dancing moves and sophomore melodic jams for the music approving. Metatransit is the album with showing-off the infamous picture of a mighty triangle on the hall of a star-ship somewhere deep in the outer rim of space. Within thus analogy of monotonous or the extra-crispy whiplashing over-driven mixing between Electro-Dance to Robot Rock collections shall comprising your undeniable taste or thirst on Starport Destruction Sequence to Self-Similar Frequency Domain and maybe even further towards the experimental tracks of Waveform Distortion and Transmitting DNA at 299 Mm/s. 

A unique physical merchandise of Sci-Fi sounds and movie lovers !