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Favorite Chocolate Gun (Self-Released 2017)

Being at heart forever being influenced by the semi-legendary Modern Rock bands of all time like Evanescence or My Chemical Romance and Marilyn Manson didn’t have to make these two Turkish-native musicians Okan Isik (guitars) and bass player/keyboardist Can Temz following their dreams on moving on to US soil and then, after broke their first band met the future partner whom also exotically beautiful singer – Sofia Ruszczyk with her Chilean mother  and used to live in Switzerland for the love of Rock Music relocated and forming Seven Day Sleep with the guys shortly. 
It’s like being stepping your feet right through the wonderland of Goth-Pop and mystical themes providing within the greater standard banging music onto your ears and heads wrapped by the artistic softer tempos and melodic distinguished totality empowered from the trio in the making of their own branding sounds like Paramore turning too dark in the park by the sounding provocative on Modern Rock depressions would be exactly Seven Day Sleep’s releasing A Home For Disgusting Fairies which shredding some of its common metallic comforts via Red Lipstick Murders and No Tears No Flowers – dragging your extra-ordinary romance onto the mushroomed days with magical fairy-realm of dream-scape and nightmares blending like milk and tea … 

A Home Disgusting Fairies: