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False Worth (Bandcamp 2016)

New York crossed by the Hudson river or some unpleasant area on the edge of Central Park or perhaps, taking your road farther out of the concrete buildings area and get closer to the outskirt up North perhaps. Meet the lesser known unit calling themselves Outside World doing the experimental sounds of Indie Rock firing squad in a low-profiling undercover as they’re kept the illusions about non-Jangly-Pop invention through the likes for thus seminal Punk-Rock acts of Indie-music such as Husker Du, Built To Spill or Guided By Voices and meet the brains of idea-makers of the group as duo Hazel Rigby and Ben Scott as they’re showing the progressive and deliberating interplay after the quiet hibernation awhile within this releasing experiments – War & War. 
Flirting with desire to some idealistic musicians out there listening to this performance seems to be a pain and irritating but also cleverly smart and brave to have your two thumbs up of an excellent appreciations. 
Take those Sticky Fingers, Capsized, Sunken and Make A Promise for instead and listen carefully, you would probably – jealous about how these couple manage to flip the flap into flammable musical bombs for independent ears.

War & War: