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Exequy Repeater (Thrashmouth 2016)

Meet them and fear them … Blackened Psychedelic Motorcycle-Punk from Hell or Necro Psych Post-Metal unit Taman Shud with their heavy-rooted on an exact Stoner Metal-tinged brought to front as the likes for this type of sounds replacing permanently the hey-day media pickers of surprising next generation of Rock populations after the demise of Grunge-era, leaving the simplicity back to the length-values of flawless experiments influenced by the likes of Egyptology, paraphilia, black holes theory, the singularity, crom cruach, the marianas depth or vivisepulture and lake monsters. 
The London - UK quartet releasing the band’s recording for the new millennium as the last efforts involved across chaotic distortions or irregular noises within Oracle War as this symbolizing the depth darker Psychedelic ruling formats on your excellent slower tunes, heavier chords and multiplying echoes of imaginative hallucination just like being drowning and dive into the unknown kingdom of sea monsters as your nightmarish moments continues by ritualistic rock sounds via Trench Arcana, Slime Liturgy, Nine Knots and Aquatic Malign and Canaan’s Jewel … 
More feedback, general Prog-Rock mayhem, solemn longer fragments of instruments techniques and fiendish watery soliloquies. 

Oracle War: