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Everything Must (Toast Hawaii 2004)

   Electronic-Pop with bitter lyrics but a better and sensual format available via Radio, Come On or even Overdrive; the sensation that you could deeply taste for kissing or licking Client’s music – the femme duo of Kate Holmes aka Client A and Sarah Blackwood as Client B as before transforming from another acts such Techniques or Dubstar into this new collaboration. Client’s second recording release – City may accessing the legal loves for Depeche Mode as well for them to signing on Andrew Fletcher’s label as well; meet the dangerous rhythmic in the images of Power-Pop, seductive vocals or arousing music to match the heat given by the attractive show of nice long legs as the artworks with more of tons of tracks like One Day at a Time, Cracked, Down to The Underground, The Chill of October and Don’t Call Me Baby. 

It’s good to know that you seems to want it bad !