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Erotomania (Bandcamp 2016)

It’s not a rumored information that these Londoner’s Industrial Metal and Electro-Noise mixing music group calling themselves Machine Rox are being heavily influenced by the previous general legendary names off the similar genre or scene as they’re empowered by more modern hostility and regardless amount of free-thinking ideas that going to be creatively made into the dreadful mind-control like media did to the masses based on Die Krupps, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein to Rob Zombie’s affections as starting as a solo project for Richard K (vocals, guitars, electronics) whose recruiting the vocalist/keyboardist Aga, Nuj Farrow on live drums and Valerian Oproiu the guitar-player and together being known later as Machine Rox. 
Several releasing and more singles and remixes done and recognizing by the global Electro-Techno Metal scenes worldwide; now these group trying one more time again to blow up your senseless minds with their latest record – touching more sexually harassing topics and semi-S&M themed through - Love is Pain; a quite noisy recording with simple good cover and plenty great tracks products inside it. 
One shall keep on dancing like a lunatic following the intense beats and the side-effects of druggy sensations caught all-together on The Beast in You, Porn is The Norm, Reptile Night or I See Blood. Dance or die – fuckers ! 

Love is Pain: