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Eldorado Door (Frontiers Records 2015)

   Italian Hard-Rock Melodic group baptizing themselves as Voodoo Hill used to have plenty local members of their own from the beginning like Max Matis or Ezio Secomandi to Roberto Gualdi but as twice as the releasing albums from them everything changes including the formations and for the third amazing release which might be a favorable pick for those whom liking Bon Jovi or last concepts from either AOR heroes like Journey or Toto onto the legendary Deep Purple-tinged sounds with the new team consisting of Dario Mollo (guitar), Dario Patti (bass, keyboards), Riccardo Vruna (drums) and their lead vocalist the one and only Glenn Hughes on the releasing for the recording of empowered rocking beats and groovy touches in exchange via Waterfall as the tones surrounding your stereo system could be next turned as your favorites such as Rattle Shake Bone, The Well, Underneath and Down Below, Karma Go onto Evil Thing that comes to show like a giant bang right from above – the heavenly Rock world only for your pleasure of listening and audiences perfect good time stealing the hearts of many on the truth reveals that Rock Music is always wealthy and ready to lighten-up the glorify and kicking the living shit out of your boredom misery.