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Eiszeit No (Self-Released 2009)

   Hamburg – Germany filled up the pacifists with the enormous total beats possibilities by the awakening of Industrial Electro or Metal-Techno experiments led by the one man curiosity project of non-commercial beating beasty cranking noises by Pet Blitzmaster doing all-instruments as the mixing of ferocious tidal waving on Alternative Metal, Techno-Rock, Electro Nu-metal and raw Industrial madness like the old Ministry-sounds of fury sending by Blitzkill right onto your freaking face via the stereo system.
The Sinnestater of monotonous and irregular bursts of vomiting noise electro would making one pukes or drunken by the tasteless  non-stop banging and slamming between guitars and drum machines through Kann Nicht to Play Hard (2010 edit), Destroy The System, This is Ai (2010 edit) and Metal Techno (2010 edit) until you manage to reach the illuminating perspectives there-after the show off force over this compilations or releasing from two men wearing silver-lance masks and bring the following hell fire with them.