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Drive Everlasting Past (Moshi Moshi 2015)

   Spreading their Pop-Rock Indie tunes like summer-breeze sweet flowering sense for anyone to be luckily happy and blessed by the performance of Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley of Summer Camp duo giving the pleasant sounds on this release called Bad Love as their latest recording on your stereo system with this lovely album - Bad Love. 
   Like the waiting calmly for your girlfriend doing her make-up in front of the mirror as the sound seems to be perfect for a good waiting themes whether you’re not too handsome or gladly, pretty. 
   The audiences shall falling in love easily for the constant – almost never ending tracks via You’re Gone, Sleepwalking, Beautiful, Horizon to Run Away and Angela – reminding us about how gorgeously the late New Wave and Pop-oriented music develops in the mid nineties has turning your bad days to the awesome lovely joy in fulfilling colors and bright positivism the modern world needs the most.

Bad Love: