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Dragonfly Fossil (Bandcamp 2016)

Australian Folk and roots of traditional of music festivals from the echoing pasts and deep rooted heritage back in the days of their European cultural-connections as being singing in a form of beautiful angelic with high hitting notes and harmony roses as an impeccable blends by these girls actually, sisters as duo – Mabel (vocals, guitar, ukulele, piano, cello, banjo and glockenspiel) and Ivy (vocals, violin, lyre, banjo) thoughts well and talented for giving us the musical performance that purely natural and gracefully heart-warming like the duet calling themselves: Charm of Finches brought the essential soft-tuned mixing between Folk, acoustic Chamber Pop and Indie New Pop into an excellent recording. 
Staring At The Starry Ceiling probably one of the best acoustic Folk-Pop records which produced and coming out to representing Melbourne, Australia as the pre-missions really about spreading hope, folklore-stories and magical influences towards the listeners as the sisters seems to be accurate to glance between thus temporary sadness and half-imaginable happiness in theory or reality to breathing in as the songs of wishful thinking or beautiful feelings in turn stretches via the vocals harmony and clear as crystal tones went through Sky Watching, Paper and Ink, Deep Water or I Don’t Mind Being Alone. 

No lies floating with the kindness only olden past and our romance for better days ahead …

Staring At The Starry Ceiling: