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Dr. Fly Collosus (Polydor 1996)

Just admit it when you first listening to these Wollongong-based supposed to be one of the best grunge years’ group coming out from Aussie-Rock scene but the essential smothered distortions, heavier riffs or just plainly, out-law(ed) potential mixing with Stoner Rock and crunchy Psychedelic Alternative Rock like when Stone Temple Pilots drunk too much on home-made whiskey and being honest playing Nirvana-linked simplicity down-toned.
From lead singer Richard Lewis to drummer Steve O’Brien or guitarist Lenny Curley and some other previously and then ex’s stuck there with Tumbleweed – the mighty. Just like morphine to your red beans soup; Return To Earth album is the band’s third but shall become the best to their collections for the entire career. Indie-Rock, Lo-Fi, Alternative Rock and Stoner magic riffs leading the way to make Tumbleweed officially, one of the independent bands from down under that keeping the news covered by the modern rock media. 
The midst of nineties saw how Sirens’ Crying, Telepathic Cat, Niteside, Marble Moon, Eternal Burning, Sweet nothing to Blessed should be really interesting to have your head banging hard on following purposes atmosphere creates by the honest moments for having Tumbleweed on your stereo system !

Return To Earth: