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Dogma Breath (Self-Released 2016)


   Filthy live shows or an overall disappearing down a rabbit hole like Alice dropping her last cookies in exchanges for selling her virginity to the druggy Rock gods to fuck her and make her a princess for a leading Electronic Dance-Punk system of universal band-aid in screaming nuts and blasting noises never to calming but destroy the beauty and innocence to pieces as naughtiness rules.
The cracker-heads army of Loopy-Dancing and Punkish Pop experimental back-up plan if the sticking needles didn’t work fine because there’s no more place to inject it; a vicious clown-looks of a female fronted jungle-juice of flavored gender-bending balls out in precious extending version of you to get the stiff monotonous crazy foot-working and face-bashing filth in touch as it keeps whether through Harry Sutherland on bass guitar beat-lines to live drumming onto everyone’s favorite guilt piggy freaking main show attraction from the sexy Sakura Dahmer of this Yorkshire’s indie-a-go go under the influences of the likes for dropping tabs of sixteen thousand acid led to demonic journey interests on whiskey, mickey mouse, everything in orange and black, Trance Music, Punk Donkey and becoming the real crack-heads. 
   Pretty Addicted is a kind of band project that releasing whatever they wanted to release there in your face is their ass to fart and you will inhale it like a lovers smelling the roses; Holding Hands with The Shadow Man proving once again that the boogieman is real and one or two children out there shall be under the threat of a pedophile kidnapping them and molesting every inches part of them predictably the same almost like the unpredictable noise bursts over Choose Your Poison, Gutter Heroes, Friends in My Head, Little One, Monster (Inside The House) or Suckerpunch of Midnight Johnny in Tic Tac Toe letter sent from nowhere as a ransom for your love ones.