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Devil Shame (Perrish Records 2007)

   Loving AC/DC and KISS much since the first time you dig them and their power of music by the Rock N’ Roll you bow down before them ? Still today will making not too much differences as one found out about how rocking crazy and powerful the Hard Rock performance on the album of Candy It Up by the Illinois 80’s based of Rock Sounds group calling themselves – Roller giving their moods for partying music especially for the Rock fans. As Rusty turning to an American Bon Scott version on vocals while Snooks playing his fucking guitar's riff louder than Angus Young and crank-it-up louder with them via Hell or Highwater, Need My Whiskey, Sticks and Stones, Backseat Suite, She’s Like A Shotgun and Black Cat for an impression and later on don’t blame yourself for liking them even harder as the album goes onto your collection-list because its rocking precious motherfuckers !

Candy It Up: