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Desert Walkin’ (Bandcamp 2011)

Indiana’s independent project The Sacred Broncos for Swampy Rock N’ Roll, Garage-Dub or Tent-show revivals with a blast comes in not like being preaching but sonically, Be My Gun pounds the grungy stuff right to your face as J. Mascis turning his four-wheel drive back to the deserted area and recorded this shit not like a country-boy did.

Comprising for either Michael Jenkins or Derek Mauger or Keef Owen and can be classified as some of those greater Indie-Punk that shall never meet the interest of bigger corporations but try to listening for Velvet Elvis, (Voodoo Theme I), Runnin’ Shoes and Ultraviolet and let your Holy Roller leaving thus Analog Ocean lonely but as the fact that Rock music never ever fails – you should know by then of Heaven and Hell is just a magic words comparison for something horse-shitting that this freaking lives had brought to your feet. Praying is cheap but sometimes you just don’t need it !

Analog Ocean: