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Dear Anglian Anya (Deltic Records 1989)

As a group project of a British New Wave music performers wind-down and die slower by the late of the eighties era, another attempt comes as a brand new one just like how Cleaners from Venus amazingly, shortened their lives of expanding career but then emerging again carried the DNA off thus previous acts onto this new aversion general fair amount recording for Martin Newell teaming-up then with Nelson alias Peter Nice from New Model Army and calling themselves The Brotherhood Of Lizards as the second demanding releases comes for the late eighty-nine and brings mostly Pop-culture and D.I.Y blending for modeled Punk-Rock revolt to a better format which showing the wiser sides of the band as like eco-activism or sheer eccentricity on Lizardland: The Complete Works and you might thinking about what if The Clash decided to go sold-out and working for the UNESCO type-thing of themes presented within these pleasurable and tame but harmonic tracks like Rusty Iron Sun, The Dandelion Marine, Clockwork Train, Market Day, Sand Dragon, She Dreamed She Could Fly and The World Strikes One or the opener prediction about It Could Have Been Cheryl might also getting you anxious about hearing the group by yourself.