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Deadness Time (Blackheart Records 2013)

Georg, Martin or Hannes Markisch may build this Hardcore-Punk Melodic group out of Leipzig to erasing the former East Germany city in ruins dark memories as well as tried to ease the pain caused by the intense cruelty buried deep under the history of the ages of torturing and escapes to the west via the wall but never stop for spreading the new perspective of lights even though everywhere around them is dark as the underworld.

Via A Memory That No One Clings Onto – Empty Handed looks infinitely tries to observe and releasing their self-inflicted anxiety to overcome the sorrow and the solitude and seems to working out fine and loud for the ears needing for a relapse of raging themes that sounded smart enough like Jauntiness, Autumn, Stay (feat. Jonas) to Fiveeighteen and The Curtain Fell – telling us the rest of the new beginning must go on to wipe out the mistakes whether they’re forgiven or not forgotten. Empty Handed went home successfully.