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Dark Lady (Universal 2000)

Opening their music story by representing Norway on Eurovision Song Contest but as the unlucky struck and these girls went home back with new experiences over the international competition really charged the new Hi-NRG as the releasing of the recording of Pop-Bubblegum perhaps, might prolong the breathe on music career for Oddrun Valestrand, Lise Monica Nygard and Hanne Kristine Haugsand publishing their ordinary domination for local Pop sounds of the Norse through Charmed’s self-titled debut. 
Electric Pop and Euro-Synth really cannot safe the all girls from collapsing but some tracks do becoming a good head-lining for the cheesy radio and music media around Europe soon after this being released. 
Feel the youngster intentions sparkled explosively on Dance-Pomp or Euro-House regulars via My Heart Goes Boom, The Air I Breathe, All You Can Say is Goodbye, Love Really Hurts Without You or Bang Bang as well as I Write You a Lovesong even not all of these turning your interest to know the group they’re used to be but at least, one shall realizing that Norway isn’t just about blasphemous extreme metal and perverting rock products – ladies !