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Curami Troma (Sudden Death 2017)

With the spoken words from Joe Bob Briggs and not fading into images of cute chinese girls wearing their transparent clothes and walking and teasing foreigners in a half-naked looks or even the dumbest chinese guy who cannot speak English well and it’s not about the glamour-side of Shanghai that you going to see or taste but thanks to Nirvana’s ascend noise transforms and single-out freakish malfunctioned form of one the loudest (not sexiest but hairiest) band from China: Round Eye as one can quickly feels the degeneracy toaster of sax-power, chorus basher and Doo-Wop/Free-Jazz Punk-Rock destruction within the Garage music not for fainted coward hearts. 
Via Monster Vision, Round Eye fulfilling their destiny on the awakening of Rock n’ Roll in Shanghai as the most songs written carefully simple but will definitely bites by the generations under the ruling communist regime and too many rules to obey but with Punk on their side – everything seems to be possible just like the explosion tramped trading tunes of rebellion from over the album’s catalog such as Sifter, Commic Blues, Billy, the romantic moisture Tailspin (Hey Dude!) to Pink House or Richie and Crinkle. 
Understand this that the non-usual headache can attacking you instantly caused by the tension made by Round Eye. Don’t worry pal – they’ll not killing you with these shorter shitty Punk solidarity themes. 
Yet ! 

Monster Vision: