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Crow Feathers (KTV 2009)

   Another a wordy calls for quintessential performance on Minneapolis Hip Hop, Jazz experimental to Punk Rock turning points of individuals united onto a group of bunch rebels mixing their love for music and smart lyrics against the privilege on some running major threats to the society based on greed, ignorance and misguided power-displays that happens sporadically in every single towns and cities around the globe. Flowing rapping lyrics of teachings and wiser words probably, didn’t come rhyming right anymore compares to those mainstream party on booty and black schlong addictions as the commercial beats taking over the streets nowadays – it’s time for people like Kill The Vultures to come up to the surface and start the new revolutionary ways against the giant consumerism and capital companies growing their visions of how the next day supposes to work smoothly like their plans. Nothing’s new exactly, the fights go on and any medias can be your armor to starting it somewhere just like Anatomy (Stephen Lewis) did the beats as DJ Anatomy, words written and performed by Crescent Moon aka Alexei Casselle as well as Advizer and Nomi did too for the group. Minnesota as turning points of the entire America Uniting States as well being threatening by blindness to see the truth, cheap politics, racism and needing more conscious to break the bonds of the industrialist thoughts which is taking than preserving; Ecce Beast shows the audience about the quality of our 21st century man attitudes toward earth and our brothers or sisters well. Painfully, meet the truth over the good beats no non-commercial talks and rhyming spaces on Spare Parts, Walk on Water, The Big Sleep and Rock Bottomless but never Cherish My Disease for every single colored males lying down dying in the streets or many white females being beaten up or technically raped for their independent views and genders really a sick reality to face there. As a thief in the night coming silent unnoticed to climb out your walls and stealing back the rights from your safety box – here’s something for the Burnt Offering from Hip Hop scene.

Ecce Beast: