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Crosseyed Scared (The Work Group 1996)

From the demise of Jellyfish arise another interesting band out of the ashes which still warmth and as you know them later as Imperial Drag featuring keyboardist Roger Joseph Manning, bassist Joseph Karnes within the drummer Eric Skodis and the long-haired and charismatic lead vocalist Eric Dover (not long later after this - joining shortly a solo project named Slash’s Snakepit) being too satisfying to ignores because of their elements of surprising where the blending of Alternative Rock, Indie-Pop, Retro sounds of the late seventies scene onto the precious Glam-sounds rarely would make even the toughest hard-rockers to loving the works given by these Imperial Drag team. The self-titled album is the only releasing that they’re manage to thrown to the market place but to be honest – this thing is enough for everyone on liking them rocking in salute via the atmosphere of coloring or gold spirals of hallucinating themes and direct simple and cool music to join in by many through The Man in The Moon, Boy or A Girl, Zodiac Sign, Overnight Sensation, Spyder and Playboy After Dark may sounding naughty and suitable for eighteen and up only type of rock music but there’s no border or questions about them being success or not and about how far their music shall affecting your personal lives after the disbanded time. 

Just like “Breakfast” by Tiger (Kiss It All Goodbye) session of the egomaniacs …

Imperial Drag: