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Copenhagen Trip (Resurrection 2013)

Portland’s founding members of Bath Party must be a pioneering kind of rockers whom refused to obeying the demands on modern rock worldwide trends because for either Mike Misosoup, Justin “Papa” Sochan or Megs Domino; being Bath Party is all about representing Oregon’s semi-underground and heritage influences back from the late explosion of Flower Generations meet Alternative Rock era which later on can be describing well to a Psychedelic Garage Rock and Bollywood Funk version right here on the group’s catalog of sounds. 
Not only that and the love for pizza, the figure of an elephant god from the Hindus and the transcending mysticism proudly abrupt within the band’s art-works and the lyrics as well as the music themes over this self-titled debut. Hallucination rides through Black Hole Blues or On to The Abyss or even Way Out West and To The Moon covering most of the trademarks on Bath Party’s brand simple sounding whether you like to surf up or garage dancing in a burst colors by characteristic on India’s related type of George Harrison’s Rock Music for his performance to the Maharishis …

Bath Party: