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Contigo Un Hombre (Superball Music 2017)

   When singer Nino De Elche really bored and did the collaboration with thus Instrumental Post-Rock group Toundra then, the project turns out to be a brand new group baptized by the name of Exquirla with whether Alberto Tocados to David Lopez to Esteban Jimenez and the rest of the brotherhood meets Senor De Elche in the experimental exporting of Post-Rock and Progressive Metal of semi-Symphonic Goth and Heavy Metal in Spanish lyrics wisdom forcing most of you to open the translator or dictionary again. 
Para Quienes Aun Viven (For Those Who Still Live) is the debut recording right through the artistic mid-tempo or the slower tunes with high techniques possibilities that you can hear aloud about them via the track-listed of El Grito Del Padre (The Tears of The Father), Hijos De La Rabia (Children of The Rabies) or Destruidnos Juntos (Together Destructs) for examples. 

With most of the tracks durations are within more than three to eleven minutes; definitely – these things aren’t your regular mainstream Spanish Rock music – compadres !