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Comedienne (Impossible Ark 2015)

Antonio Feola (drums/percussions), Nipsy Fergus Russell (vocals/guitar), Ned Crowther (vocals/bass), Pat Dam Smyth (vocals/guitar) and Fred Stitz (vocals/guitar) are the members of London’s fully spiritual Rock N’ Roll unit named Smokey Angle Shades collaborating their likes on Psychedelic-Pop, Country-Rock, Jazz Folky and improvement grooves via Shades of Joy releasing record and may the fabulous feelings been relax-able and cured easily within the picking to choose for listeners bare their burdens right under the winged hope and faithful friendly songs on this album sparks. 

Whether you got to pick more than two or it’s hard to make a choice for favorable availability via Mean to Me, Everybody Knows, Empty Carriage, Evening Sunshine, Sad Hour Song and The Way Around wiser thoughts by the low-profiles compositions on a slower mid-tempo natural atmosphere so bluesy fine as Rock N’ Roll retro sounds shall saving your love and good intentions tonight over Shades of Joy track-list.  

Shades Of Joy: