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Cider Curry (Bandcamp 2013)

   Consisting of these (not) fine foursome maniac of Thrash-Metal boys and mosh-pit heads  from Leeds – UK, Tosserlad is one of your ultimate destruction unit that can comes in easily but never easy to get rid-off your fucking stereo system that simple. Ben the mouth, Joel the guardian for gits and shitz, Cass on bass in face or Rob who loves to smash and thrash in not everybody’s dream persons and the fast tracking murderous clattering bursts of magma-level opposite of everything you might like in life are here packaging inside the damn record of Fucking The Neighbours which just spawing the seventh attacking furious anthems for angry generations to the world today by honest, vulgar and most bad attitude possible via Breakout, I Want to Kill Everyone, I Just Cannot Connect with Hellraiser in Space as shouting Fuck You Rocko. 

Insanity needs to deliberating arts through Heavy metal Extreme music like a pointy stick through elite scumbag’s asses !

Fuck The Neighbours: