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Chua Namoe (Bandcamp 2015)

An answer from Luxemburg for System of A Down loyalist or followers means a good meaning to any of you – Metal-heads out there ?
May you been blessed and the future past of Modern Alternative Metal and Heavy Hard-Rock existence not came up like Infact – reality as the band with ups and down experiences for touring across their tiny country area or the rotted apple with bleeding from the internal and many screws pointing the flesh probably really works to describing how State of Decay album and blasting your stereo system with merchandises of loud music bursts harder through Slaughterhouse, Change My Name, Evil Plumber or Sinking Ship of Man which fabulously played by the members: Petz on vocals, Jimmy the bass player, Gianni on guitars, Giac the drummer and Marc on guitars/vocals exactly bringing their metallic acts right on the fitting lines placed to the google-generations of darker side-effects of new millennium.

State of Decay: