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Chatter Act (Storm Records 2001)


   Glamour as the band members declaring their music and themselves into that make-up rebellious cranking party of Rock N’ Roll and Punk Rock brags toward the usual world and public that hates them guts because mostly didn’t have balls to doing what the best did well by either Brian McCarty or Craig Cashew and more on Ricky Rat or Toni Romeo among others between the newer or the ex-members of this powerful sparkling group from Detroit – Michigan as they’re taking the legacy that has been pioneering by alleged legendary names like Iggy Pop or MC5 and Hair Rock onto marking their existence using it by blending with more scratching, bashing and melodically passions within the music blasts as you might hearing them via (Thee) Trash Brats’ fourth album called American Disaster.
   Feel free to jumping and head-banging while you and your fellows did the dance of the air-guitar like Neil Armstrong walking the moon for the first time as the steps getting farther in familiar sound-beats cranking happy as the party and beers started to spill because we are the fucking generations who refused to be locked under the repressive laws without having our bill of rights held high as the irresponsibility might satisfied your curious over how on earth the world today would become without the freedom of making no-sense or louder music or strippers being forced to work at the factory far from bewildering our blackened nights as the tracks of Glam-Punk hailing harder through Imitation Generation, Sentenced Man, Migrant Woman, Making It Right, Hungry Eyeballs, What Plays Your Mind and The Squeeky Wheel Gets Replaced as well as Who Put The Words In Your Mouth – sounded wiser for the rock-heads to madly fell in love with !

Trash Brats' American Disaster: