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Chain Beasts (Ark’s Records 2004)

   Power Progressive Metal performance adding their inner turmoil and Gothic-based issues in common mid-tempo music wrapped by the very harmonic vocals and pounding drums which led not only by the female singer voice but also the energetic force on keyboards playing loud as the riffs roaring for Ebony Dark hailed themselves from Madrid – Spain opening the career in heavy music world with this debut Decoder  as you know it will blasting the hell out of your favorable Prog-Metal alliance by adding them into the collections as well when the songs glaring hard from the album; like Dead men’s Live, Damned By The Past onto Thorn of Ice and Night’s Cols Symphony nor Farewell. Whether it’s Daniel Melian doing the bass guitar, Ruben Villanueva on shredding his six strings onto the keyboardist Javier Diez or lead vocalist Beatriz Albert accompanying the group to breaking-through the desirable storming realm of Symphonic Metal even when there’s a split decision comes up next shortening the band’s lives out.