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Cathy Descend (Happenin Records 2014)

   For the likes and similarity on whether Kathleen Hannah turning Country-Blues or Psychedelic version of rock providing by Suzi Gardner and her cohorts or an Alternative Indie Pop commonly tasted Rock N’ Roll Garage touch symbolizing how various that new York actually can give offerings to you for sounds and music. Just like the sixties-era slap of time travelling for listening to these trio of girls from NYC and a guy in their group called Juniper Rising as the listeners can meet them: Holly Overton (guitars, vocals, synthesizers, wooden flute), Diana Potakh (drums, percussion), Kevin  Faulkner (table steel, acoustic guitar) and Kate Rogers (bass, vocals) with the help from some of their friends off the recording album here in the debut – Day Of Days. Western sounds completely for the middle of Autumn season must have been spreading kinds of molecules of weird feelings as well as tales of good hope as the harmony vocals led the council of Alternative Indie Rock which sounding fine to follow by you. Beautiful, simple and far from female degradations even though more should know that these girls (and a boy) aren’t that innocents ! 

Songs to dance for would be Cars Are Fun, Deep Dark, Follow Your Dreams, Bri’s Song and All Apart.

Day Of Days: