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Cathexis Antfarm (Mine All Mine 2014)

   As comprising as Jack Tell (vocals, guitar, banjo), Myles Coyne (bass, back-vox), Alex Klosterman (lead guitar), Nathan Toth (synthesizer) Brett Harvey (drums) with Justin Miller (bucket), Justin Zander (guitars), Kasen Rumpf (violin), Cassidy J David-Weber (tambourine) and Charlie Celinza (drums) off the large amount Indie-Pop group-like travelling circus from Madison/Milwaukee turns the interests for listening to more classic Folk-Rock dessert like this one from the band calling themselves as Animals In Human Attire as the big-band releasing their objective rural-based and environmental pro-recording especially animals via Ourmegadawn which might be a similar word for any living creatures besides men for telling the end is nearer and counting as well. Sometimes u-turning a bit fast or later on go slower and artistic, the mixing of Punkish and Alternative Pop casual melodies and addition from traditional touches and Americana roots all flowing like crystal clear water from the mountains onto streams of the sunny weather drove the monsoon rain away through Wind Maker, South Pole Mountain Song, Breaking Point, Hell and Sleep Talking in Uneven Dreams (Batman) while waiting for “the ultimate day” that comes just like thus special thanks from the group …