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California Rubicon (Serenades Records 2000)

The quartet of sorrow in their own interpretation identity as Phred Phinster, Mournful Morales, Gary Gloom and Collossos Rossos or Gary Schmid, Manfred Klahre, Martin Kollross or Robert Hackl seems to be sounded like a victims of copycat for the Austrian version of Type O Negative (TON) but wrongly true not acceptable on that – the band’s music sounding softer than the mystical mayhem grudge-metallic of Peter Steele and co. but Jack Frost needs to admitted that they’re commonly or heavily influenced by T.O.N as the Gloom-Rock or Doom Metal band from Linz named Jack Frost but exactly – permanent to release many recordings so far on their entire career started since then as for the fourth album in Gloom Rock Asylum; the band didn’t felt guilty for killing an innocent young girl just lying there dead on the floor of the remote flat’s room with drummer Collossos or Mr. Gloom on guitars given their background pounds for the lead vocalist to tell the rest of the story goes terrible in horror marked by the essential Goth-Doom Hard Rock sensations via How Will I Sleep, You Are The Cancer to Psychodrome or Sober relates. There’s no help comes or the authority to checks this murder scene for a definitive quite of solitude times – for sure …

Gloom Rock Asylum: