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Cable Car (Rebel Assault 2007)

Similar to how Fear Factory did their job done on preserving the longer faith onto our Extreme Modern Metal beliefs so far as well did pretty much alive but shortly by timing – here’s entering  the exact Progressive Metal matching within the five-piece group: Profane releasing their power-grooves alliance recording to show that your aims to have metallic music as your religious breath is very much alive.
With Phillip Bretnall on vocals, Luke Bhatia and Mark Doyle the guitar-shredders, Darryll Clarkson on bass guitar and Carl Sharrocks on drums tremendously, mixing their tight cross-over between the amusing technical melodic on Prog-Rock, Heavy Metal extremist sounds and Hardcore sessions onto the blasting points of a narrow sharp-edgy album: The Day We Scorched The Sky. 
As the force colliding explosive and needs to get your two thumbs up for this mighty works that unfortunately, didn’t lasted long since the release; still you can actually – collecting the album as one of thus particular efforts that shaping the rest of Extreme Heavy Metal scene over the past nineties to two-thousand era and proven as no mistakes are these magnificent tracks left much questions to answer like Hang The Muse, Turning Bloodletting Into an Art Form, Sleep Now Complete to When The Corners aren’t Square and Like Branding The Cattle comes to wiping your stereo out as the tidal wave of changes for the worst comes unnoticed via sounds desire of destructible.  

The Day We Scorched The Sky: