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Burn Reflection (Bandcamp 2016)

   Does the name Pink Navel rings the bell in your head ? Maybe because that this Hip-Hop/Rapper didn’t go internationally famous yet; nobody enjoys to listening on his works right now not yet but soon after you or your little brother found out how a Lo-Fi or Chiptunes of the instrumental Rap recording session from Boston, Mass’ local hero – Pink Navel on Pink Navel x R.U.U.N.E that already find its way back to your grabbing hand; carrying some of the weirdest blending for Electro-tunes to Rap/Hip Hop with occult symbols in altogether six tracks from the first opener Final Form – R.U.U.N.E to Ego Scene – Pink navel or the question simply but serious about Why To Rap will kept the answers various by many liking or hating this offer of a brand news of characteristic for physical future on this type of “split-personality” album between Pink Navel and his other imaginary rapper friend. 

Artwork providing by Lucian M. Stephenson.