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Burgle Monarch (Bandcamp 2012)

   Interesting for urban explorations, travelling or photography might giving you another good background for build a small band with simplicity like this Melbourne’s Pop-Garage or Post-Punk Indie unit named Black Fox; pressing your listening room by introducing their relaxing and semi-commercialism sounds for an alternative to those music that comes in their “too damn commercial” missions today. As the band themselves being completely formatted with Mitchell Freeman, Daniel Mullens, Leigh Mullens, Dane Robertson and Andrei Seleznev with Ryan Ferguson – writing most of their materials in several places from Japan to New York City as this debut recording of Line Of Sight purely digging the hole for spreading its Lo-Fi of exotic Indie-Pop rocking for pluralism ears with the jacked-off melodic on pumper standard on UK-based Pub-Rock modernism through Suburban Rooms or Nightwalks or Day In Lieu or even Stag. Slowly pumping your adrenaline up higher as thus libido also being territorial rarely not accepting any confrontations without any good punchy brawls for some blood spilling or grabbing chicks nearby Beatles Party …

Line Of Sight: