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Bongo Starr Analog (Bandcamp 2017)

   For tacos, turtles and the men’s fashion of the seventies era by the likes favorable chosen; these Luxembourg’s Alternative DIY Neo-Kraut Rock or Post-Punk of Europe basement sound-makers naming themselves – Autumn Sweater probably, kinds of funny not by the appearance but their sweet music incoming on much pop attacks on it through Second Session recording with all the songs written by them as well. Pretty much good debut for the quartet and one should noticing that Waterloo – isn’t an ABBA song at all but something else jangly while Matches, Sundays and Tell Her could be the proactive introductions for the international globe on knowing the sounds made by Autumn Sweater that quite sharing the same imaginations about how things that concluded to “cafĂ© society” as food, beverages and those great moments and seats shall never faded for your memory once you have experiencing them …

Second Session: