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Bolero Dark (Relapse Records 2015)

   Being named after the legendary composer and instrumentalist whom creates the soundtrack for more classic movies such as Suspiria, Tenebre and Zombi; Gobli Rebirth is coming together as a new resurrection form from the high level and heavy influences from the old Goblin awesomely performs their horrific eerie and scares recaptured of the true meaning of fear within most of the 1970’s Horror films in Synth/music scoring iconic responsibility. Now – the new millennium seeing a different perfective but carrying the distinctive of the previous legend’s rhythm section of the original crew still here on Goblin Rebirth like drummer Agostino Marangolo or bassist Fabio Pignatelli with the additional musicians like Aidan Zammit and Danilo Cherni to bring these Art-Rock Progressive as well as thus international-wide branding over the instrumental music composing which never lose the grips for making the audience scared in its terror theory tunes available … 
Everything’s written there probably would make a good title for several suspend stories or mini movies: Mysterium, Evil in The Machine, Forest or some others really just meant to be occult-related like Book of Skull, Requiem For X or Back In 74 via this self-titled. 

It’s chilling, exciting, imaginary driven and instantly confident as Prog-Rock programs for the ghouls.